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25 December 2013

Zelimir in "InSound Acoustic Guests" Morning show

As we announced, ZELIMIR will be performing Live in shows with his band in Norway and Germany throughout the month of December.

He also appeared on "InSound Acoustic Guests” Morning show in Kiel, Germany on Xmas Day.

Here is the link to the video and what the Germans say about Zelimir.

Merry Xmas Everyone!


"Zelimir Kulisic - our featured "Acoustic Guest" has a long established musical career behind him, and yet more to come. After several years of his great shows and many travelings as a ship's musician, He finally recognized by his first album. The successful Single "Judy" after all, has already reached the top 100 at the European iTunes charts - and the Single features the one and the only - country legend Albert Lee on his guitar.

Country - Rock'n'Roll - This is Zelimir’s world - It shows the best of him, also the lifestyle that he lives.

Thanks to the dozens of videos: "Judy" as a "Global Line Dance Mania" It shows power to the world - people of every nationality showed their own performance of the song. Whoever is hooked on the good old 50s, Hot girls, Motorcycles , Leather jackets and Winking Rebellion will have his/her own pleasure with "Judy". The original video can be found on YouTube - but here’s Zelimir now with his first acoustic performance in our lounge! Have fun, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with "JUDY".

23 August 2013

The Z Team would like to thank to...

The Z Team would like to thank to Stephie Pierre and the “Scout Promotion" for the excellent job done on the nationwide launching of “JUDY” Official Music Video in Germany. We would like to thank the following TV Networks in Germany:
- Clipfish
- Label TV
- Netin /
- Street Clip.TV
- TVRL /

In addition, we would also like to thank to our Radio Promoter Ulf Bellmann and the “DIE 4MA” for and the following radio stations for them giving “JUDY” the airplay in Germany:
- Campusradio Triquency
- L'Unico
- NDR1 Radio MV
- NDR 90,3
- MDR1 Sachsen-Anhalt
- NDR 2
- Antenne Thüringen
- Antenne Brandenburg
- The Radio Group
- RBB radio Berlin 88,8
- RBB Radio Eins
- SWR 1 RP
- WDR 4
- HR 1
- Harmony FM
- WDR 2
- SR 1
- osradio 104,8
- uniRadio Berlin
- Radio Okerwelle
- Oldenburg Eins
- Kiel FM
- Radio Lohro
- 917xfm / Alster Radio 106,8
- Radio Erfurt (Radio Funkwerk & Radio F.R.E.I.)
- SAEK Hörfunk Chemnitz
- ALEX Berlin 88,4
- Radio 91,2
- Radio Duisburg
- Freies Radio Stuttgart
- Freies Radio Freudenstadt
- Radio Galaxy Hof/ Radio Euroherz

Thanks a million guys!!!

"Z Team"

22 August 2013

Zelimir's interview for

I am extremely pleased to be in Bulgaria and especially here in this region, the city impressed me and I'm happy to come and visit again.

Serbian star Zelimir Kulishich is here in Burgas, Bulgaria throughout the month of August to entertain the guests of the "Rubaiyat di Mare" restaurant. “King of the Night”, as he is known, performs in the Mecca of good music every week from Wednesday to Saturday. During his visit here, he received notoriety for his engaging stage presence, and with his incredible performance of timeless evergreens. For those who have not seen it, you will be able to until the 29 August. Zelimir revealed that his new fans in Burgas will be honored with one extra night - next Tuesday.

What are his impressions of the region and what is next for him? Zelimir speaks openly to

Zhelimir, already at the end of your stay in the region, what are your impressions?
- I am very impressed and I am delighted to be in Bulgaria and especially here in Burgas. Now I had a little time to explore the city but I'm definitely impressed. I like the street that begins at the sea and runs down to the end ( named after the famous Bulgarian author "Bogoridy") - this is my favorite place!

What are your impressions of the nightlife in Burgas?
- I can’t really say much since our performances keep me pretty busy and I have not had a chance to really explore it yet. In The "Rubaiyat di Mare" I see that people are really having fun, the audience is very good and is very cool. If this is the night life, then I would have to say it is great! I say that I am very happy that I came here. I want to thank the whole team of "Rubaiyat di Mare" who did everything possible to make our stay here as comfortable as it can be.

How did you experience the audience response to your performance?
- I could see that they all enjoyed it. They were having fun and it was gratifying for me to see this. That's just me, that's what I do and I am extremely happy that everybody likes it.

Many people liked "Judy" (the new single of Zelimir's which has had success in the world top 100),
- It is a happy little country tune and I'm glad that it appealed to the Bulgarian audience.

Can we expect to see you again in Burgas?
- Why not. I am very pleased with our visit here. I'll be glad to come and visit again.

How long are you going to stay in Burgas?
- Until the end of the month - August 29th will be my last night in the "Rubaiyat di Mare." I want to say that we decided to give our bonus performance, an extra night for our new audience and fans, and do one more show - next Tuesday 27 August. I see that we have an audience that comes more than once, which greatly pleases me.

What are your plans after Burgas?
- From here, we fly straight to Norway. Then we are in Germany. November we are in America to finish the album. Our single "Judy" made a good debit and now we have to get work with the rest of recordings.

More at Flagman website... (English Translation by Brad Vee Johnson)

18 August 2013

"Judy" reached No.2 on the German iptv!

Judy (likes to rock) by Zelimir, Official Music Video reached No.2 on the German iptv satelite networks video charts:

16 August 2013

Tonight's Special Show, Zelimir's tribute to Elvis, a part of "Rubaiyat di Mare" August program

ZELIMIR is paying his respect to the King Of Rock'n'Roll - Elvis Presley and will perform in a Special Show, singing ELVIS' songs only! It's well known that Elvis is Zelimir's biggest inspiration and that tonight's night is going to be something really special to him.

Come and feel the Magic with Zelimir, performing his favorite music.

More at Flagman website... (Bulgarian Press)

7 August 2013

"Miss Rubaiyat 2013" contest & ZELIMIR Live with the Z Band announcement

On Friday 2013, August 09, 20:30 at the "Rubaiyat Di Mare" Gala Restaurant, Burgas (Black Sea Bulgaria), "Miss Rubaiyat 2013" contest will take place for the first time ever this year, according to the Organizer's Special announcement.

We will be choosing the most beautiful girl of the Black Sea amongst the 30 gorgeous candidates.

ZELIMIR and his Z Band will appear as a Special Guests at this event. Zelimir will continue entertaining you throughout the month of August (Wed-Sat).

For all the information and reservation, please call: 0885 077 667 (Rubaiyat di Mare).


19 June 2013

Worldwide Press Release (taken from

Judy Trifecta: Zelimir's New Single Plus TV Special ft. Albert Lee Plus Line Dancing Mania "Judy Likes To Rock"

12 June 2013

Worldwide Press Release (taken from

JUDY Trifecta: Zelimir's Single Plus TV Special ft. Albert Lee Plus Line Dancing Mania "Judy"

7 June 2013

ZELIMIR's Most Recent iTunes Song Appearance at #109

ZELIMIR's Most Recent ITunes Song Appearance in Germany's Country Music Chart * 6 June, 2013** at position 109:

5 June 2013

JUDY's Organic Chart Climb on iTunes Music Charts

We are happy to announce that JUDY by ZELIMIR appeared on iTunes Music Charts 137 times so far.

This chart climb happened without actual advertisement on Radio or TV.

"Judy" by Zelimir, ft Albert Lee appeared on charts in Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Sweden, UK on the Country genre charts. Judy's Highest iTunes Music Chart positions so far are: No.4 Sweden, No.7 Netherlands, No.12 Denmark, No.37 Finland, No.42 France, No.84 UK.



5 June 2013

Zelimir promotion takes off in Germany

On 31 May, 2013. JUDY Promotional campaign just took off in Germany nationwide on Radio and TV.

On June 4, Zelimir got featured with his Music Video "Judy" on various Pages:
04.06. Sushi Bar Home Page
04.06. Musikvideo des Tages Rock (Music video of the day in rubric rock)
04.06. Newsbox Rock
04.06. Musik-TV Brandneu
04.06. Musik-TV Rock/Pop

Zelimir's video also appears on: and more…

Zelimir's latest Hit JUDY got airplays on various Radio stations in Germany, including:

Playlist Music Control
Playlist Collegeradio
Playlist Non Commercial
Freepicks Music Control
NDR1 Radio MV
RBB Radio Eins
Antenne Thüringen
Antenne Brandenburg
The Radio Group
HR 1
Freepicks Collegeradio
uniRadio Berlin
osradio 104,8
Freepicks Non Commercial
917xfm / Alster Radio 106,8
Radio Okerwelle
Radio 91,2
Freies Radio Stuttgart
Radio Galaxy Hof/ Radio Euroherz
Campusradio Triquency
Kiel FM
SAEK Hörfunk Chemnitz
Freies Radio Freudenstadt

31 May 2013

Judy, Judy Karaoke & Judy TV Special OUT!

"You asked for it, now You’ve got it.

JUDY is here and she’s gonna rock Your socks off!!!"

Special feature documentary film online NOW!: TV Special "Judy - Recording with Albert Lee" as behind the scenes of how JUDY was made. As well as the JUDY Karaoke, which many of you fans asked for lately, and an official German Re-Release of JUDY Album Single, where also the Nationwide TV & Radio promotion took place.
Please, visit our JUDY Special webpage, and dig into more details, such as Album Reviews, Credits, Photos from the Recording Session with Albert and photos from the Music Video Shoot, Song's lyrics, Press Release and more.

You can order the CD, plus the Free Bonus Goodies directly from the website's Shop section.
Or download JUDY Album Single or JUDY Karaoke from iTunes, Amazon or Spotify.


13 May 2013

Sunday Dance on Color Magic

By Arnfinn Borge

Sunday, May 12 2013, Color Magic from Oslo, with approximately 1,400 dance lovers on board the ship, on the way to Kiel, and a "Sunday Dance" on board with Anne Nørdsti, Kindberg, Lars Marius & Rainbow and Zelimir. Lars & Marius opened the "Sunday Dance" Monkey Pub at 16:00 to 17:00. From 19:00 to 22:45 there was Alex McGuinness and 23.00 to 01.45 - Lars Marius & Entertainment at the Monkey Pub. The show in the Magic Show Lounge started at 18:00 and 20:00 both days and it was a Kindberg afterwards that opened "Sunday Dance" from kl.21.15 to 23:30. Anne Nørdsti performed from 24:00 to 02:30. On deck 15 was Zelimir Kulisic (King of the Night) who entertained us from 21:00 to 01:00. His name means "wanting peace" and he is from Yugoslavia. From an early age He started performing, already being an entertainer for the last 27 years. With his beautiful voice he sang many good rock'n'roll songs, both Elvis and the Beatles and delivered entertainment to the top notch. His act is highly recommended. You can read more about him on his website.

Read the article...

21 Feb 2013

Take a look at the ZELIMIR's latest Music video

By Aleksandra Petrovski

Zelimir Kulisic, a musician from the city of Novi Sad (Serbia), currently based in Sweden, has just released a brand new Album Single "Magic", featuring Norwegian singer Solvor Woll. These two first met when launching Color Line`s cruise ship "Magic", Norway in 2007. They have been close friends and soul-mates ever since and share a common passion for music in all shapes and forms, big gestures and fine arts.

"Magic", written by Zelimir is the result of their latest collaboration, inspired by the place where they met!

You can view the Music Video HERE or at the

This is ZELIMIR's 2nd Album Single. Both "Magic" and "Judy" (1st Album Single) are filmed as a High Budget Music Videos in an American Film Studios UFO.

We are also expecting a 3rd Album Single "Good Morning My Darling",as well the Music Video, and these are all the announcements for ZELIMIR's whole album, planned to be out this Autumn.

"I will be traveling to Los Angeles this summer with my team, for a recording sessions, as we are preparing a remake of a legendary song "Hippy Hippy Shake". This is going to be a duet with it's original performer and an author-Chan Romero (Robert Lee Romero), all organized and led by the legendary Music Entrepreneur, Manuel Montoya who is, most likely going to be my promoter for the US market", Zelimir Kulisic said.

14 Feb 2013

"MAGIC" Official Music Video WORLD PREMIERE

By Zelimir

I am very excited to announce the World Premiere of our Official Music Video for "MAGIC"!

We kept it "hidden" for so long, simply because we wanted to have it out on this very special day!

It's February 14 and the time is right for all of you to "Feel the MAGIC"!

You can watch the "MAGIC" Official Music Video here:

You can also download the song and make it the perfect present for your special somebody! It's only a dollar!

Much love and light,

Visit Zelimir's Blog...

4 Dec 2012

New Zelimir's Single "Magic" is OUT!

By Zelimir

Zelimir, Swedish based singer - songwriter, originally from Serbia, announced the release of MAGIC (feat. Solvor Woll), a new single from his upcoming album.

Zelimir and Sol first met when launching Color Line`s cruise ship "Magic" in 2007.

They have been close friends and soul-mates ever since and share a common passion for music in all shapes and forms, big gestures and fine arts.

"Magic" is the result of their latest collaboration, inspired by the place where they met!
And there's more to come…

Written & Produced By ZELIMIR

All Vocals by Zelimir & Solvor recorded in:
Studio "Revolver" and Studios "Les" by:
Dragan Panjak & Lado Les
June 2012

Guitars by Dario Dimic
Solo Guitar by Zelimir

Mixed by Aaron Chmielewski
Mastering by Andrew Mendelson at the "Georgetown Masters"
Nashville, TN USA

Official Music Video directed by Lucy Ilarionov
Artwork & Layout by Dejan Ilic
Show Up! Logo by Dusan Falcon Markovic

BIEM/NCB Scandinavia
Made in Europe
All rights reserved
Show Up! Entertainment Scandinavia 2012

02 Jan 2013


By Zelimir

Silja Festival Cruise Line presents "2013 ELVIS EXTRAVAGANZA" Show - ZELIMIR & The Electra Ballet - from 2 January - 10 January from Stockholm.

02 Jan 2013

"Do you remember Zelimir & Visnja?"

By "Mondo" web portal

Read the article...

30 Dec 2012


By Zelimir

Tallink/Silja Cruise Line presents new shows of ZELIMIR & Electra Ballet on "Silja Festival" Cruise ship, sailing between Stockholm and Riga. Starting on 30 December 2012. ZELIMIR will perform in 2 different shows: "2013 ELVIS EXTRAVAGANZA" from Stockholm, and "LATIN/POP PARTY SHOW" from Riga.

"Fasten your seat belts and get ready for one hell of a ride with ZELIMIR & his Electra babes."


Zelimir (his name means "wanting peace") was born on June 23, 1977 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, to a musical family. From an early age it was clear that he would be an entertainer.